Inquiry Journal                                                                             2015-04-25


Today I started my inquiry; my question is what advantages does a drawing tablet have for someone who has DCD: Developmental Coordination Disorder (like me.) I planned out what steps I was going to take, and started my research. My research took me to a Wikipedia page, where I learned that I was a milder case of DCD, because some of the listed symptoms were problems that I did not have, such as trouble with cardinal directions. Before I got the computer the DCD was a large obstacle in terms of writing and math. The DCD prevented my fine motor skills from developing as quickly as they should. However since getting the computer, the DCD has become less of an issue in my daily life.

Inquiry Post #5

I feel that my Inquiry was success, even if the heater didn’t work as well as I thought it would. I think something I would do differently next time would be to try to get some different materials as well as Styrofoam to see how they work. I feel that solar could work for the school; it would just be a question of finding a way to raise money for the costs.

Inquiry post


I have managed to build a solar heater, it is made out of Styrofoam, aluminium foil and black spray paint, it is cheap, and effective and under $20 to make. The solar heater can be made in half an hour and is very simple to make. How it works: when the sun shines onto the black painted area, the heat expands, and exits through the top vent, then the air cools, goes back though the bottom, heats up again, etc. the heater must be placed on a south facing window, but does not have to fill the entire window.

Inquiry Post #4

I have begun to work on my presentation for my inquiry, and have done some research on solar panels, such as their cost, how they generate energy, and weather they are better than gas boilers. I have yet to build my solar heater, but when I do I can use it to demonstrate how solar heating is an alternative to gas heating. I hope to use the solar heaters as a cheaper alternative to the schools current form of heating.

Inquiry Post #3

I have found that it would be too expensive to find and install solar panels for the school electricity. However I believe I have an alternative to heat the school, it is called a solar heater and I can make one out of downspouts. It works like this: It uses the downspouts (which are painted black ) to absorb heat and then a motor pushes the hot air into the building. It is made using wooden planks, a shower door,  a 12 volt blower motor and black paint and can heat the school without the use of the gas boiler.

2nd Inqiuiry

For this post I will talk about what I have planed for my inquiry. I will research the price of solar panels and how much it would cost to hook up to the school. Then I will calculate the costs against the schools current method of heating. If it is more effective to use solar panels, then I will find a way to raise money for buying and installing the soar panels, however if it isn’t then I will research other ways to help the school reduce energy costs.

Brave New World blog post #4

The Hatchery and Conditioning Center is a location in the Brave New World. It is the first locale shown in the book and one of the most important areas, story wise although it’s mostly there for exposition but that however does not decrease its importance because it introduces the reader to multiple important characters such as the DHC, Lenina and Bernard. The HCC is also were they grow the humans and put them into different social classes they also condition people to dislike or like certain things such as flowers or books.  The HHC shows up a few times later in the story but it is most prominent in the beginning.

Brave New World Post #3

In the Brave New World (civilized land) everybody seems to be more or less the same depending on their class, Alphas were tall and handsome, Betas were normally sized and Gammas and Epsilons were smaller. The thing I find interesting is how their personalities are practically non-existent. For instance, when Brenard is talking to Leinina about how he wants to be alone, Leinina doesn’t understand why because she was conditioned from birth to hate being alone, because of the conditioning any sort of personality is crushed in favor of loyalty .

Brave New World Post #2

On this post I will be writing about the different characters in the book Brave New World, for Ihub reads 2015. One of the characters we have met so far is the Director, the head of the Central London Hatchery and Conditioning Center and while he is not a main character, I think he will be important. One of the other characters is Lenina who is one of the main characters and the only female main character. the last character is Musphasta Mond one of the ten World Controllers,although his title suggests otherwise he is not a very important character. something I found rather interesting is how most, if not all the characters are flat they don’t seem to change at all during the story which isn’t something that a lot of writers do.

iSearch post

Near the beginning of the book,  some students are being taken trough a Hatchery and Conditioning center. The Hatchery and Conditioning center is a factory that makes babies.  They are being shown  the incubation process, and the Director says ” A ram wrapped in thermogene begets no lambs.” It stood out to me because it sounded almost religious, which was strange because later in the book they reference how they (the world controllers) have done away with religion. So I did some research and thermogene references how if sperm gets too warm then it becomes sterile. It also seems rather ironic because they say the have no religion, and yet they keep worshiping (although in different ways than we do today) Ford, because he was the first to use a assembly line, and different models, and in the book they have an assembly line for babies and they are built in different models (alpha, beta gamma) etc… It connects to Theme because one of the underlying messages is about they feel like they are free while in reality they are controlled. When the Director says the quote he is referencing a natural process even though what is happening the the factory is the opposite of natural.