The Colony Part 2

This post will be a short story that explains a bit of who Neev is


Neev woke up to the ding of a notification, throughout the ship, he could hear the droning of the loudspeakers. The leader of the colony was making an address, he figured as he automatically tuned out the sound. He meandered over to the break room and grabbed a coffee, as he chugged it back, he heard voices of the other colonists. “Drat,” he thought to himself, “I walked into another meeting again, didn’t I?” He smiled awkwardly as he sat down, pretending like he meant to come in here all along. He only half listened as his fellow colonists prattled about this and that, staff morale, rumours, gossip and semi truths. Neev was startled back into reality when he heard his name called; “so what is your opinion, Neev?” “Oh… uh…. well… I’d love to answer but I really need to get back to work, engineering duties y’know” he stammered as he headed for the door, pausing to take a scone from the snack tray. “Man, that was embarrassing,” he thought to himself, “I really need a way off this place”

The Colony pt. 1

Last friday, we played a tabletop game called Follow, we used the Colony sample story. In Follow, you create a major and a minor character to play as. My major character is named Neev and my minor character is Hugh Mann. Neev is a twenty-something year old engineer with a pretty casual disposition, he seems apathetic but is quite observant, though he can be rather snarky at times.


In Follow, each character has a want from the quest, and a want from another character, what Neev wants from the quest is change, while he wants knowledge from Experience (Olivia’s character.) In addition, he is the object of desire from another character; Charity, though he doesn’t know why. our current quest in our game is to raise the colony’s morale, a goal that has yet to be achieved

ICTX/IDS Progress Report

something went wrong with the coding in my prototype


this is what its supposed to look like


but when the character enters the air, it clips through the ground and disappears

I am currently working on fixing this


Edit 1: I have manged to fix the clipping issue,but now when you jump you just hover an inch or two off the ground instead of landing. hopefully I’ll be able to fix this soon


Edit 2: I have made lots of progress on my game, there are now more rooms, and there are enemies that don’t walk off the ledge, I am going to try and work on menus and level design



Step One: get your ingredients together and grate your cheese



Step Two: put some oil in a pan



Step Three: put the tortilla in the pan and put the cheese



Step Four: let the cheese melt and flip it over



Step Five: eat


Hard Boiled Egg


The first step of hard boiling the egg is to get the egg out of the carton



Second step is to put the egg into the water and wait for it to boil, once it is boiling turn off the heat for 10-12 minutes



Step three is to drain the water out of the pan and let the egg cool


Step four: Enjoy!

New Computer

.20160908_102229    I got a new computer during the summer, as my old one stopped working at the beginning of the summer. I ordered the new laptop online from best buy and it took three tries before it ordered correctly. It took two weeks for the laptop to arrive

Inquiry Journal 2015-05-30

Today I looked back and reflected on the drawings I had done so far. I rated them via rubric, the things that I judged about the drawing were: creativity, realism, proportion, and originality. The five drawings I rated were: a thermos, a spider web, an apple and my drawings for the science project. Because these drawings were rather amateurish however, none of them scored particularly high. Despite the fact that they aren’t high quality I’m still proud of them.