2nd Inqiuiry

For this post I will talk about what I have planed for my inquiry. I will research the price of solar panels and how much it would cost to hook up to the school. Then I will calculate the costs against the schools current method of heating. If it is more effective to use solar panels, then I will find a way to raise money for buying and installing the soar panels, however if it isn’t then I will research other ways to help the school reduce energy costs.

Brave New World blog post #4

The Hatchery and Conditioning Center is a location in the Brave New World. It is the first locale shown in the book and one of the most important areas, story wise although it’s mostly there for exposition but that however does not decrease its importance because it introduces the reader to multiple important characters such as the DHC, Lenina and Bernard. The HCC is also were they grow the humans and put them into different social classes they also condition people to dislike or like certain things such as flowers or books.  The HHC shows up a few times later in the story but it is most prominent in the beginning.