Brave New World Post #3

In the Brave New World (civilized land) everybody seems to be more or less the same depending on their class, Alphas were tall and handsome, Betas were normally sized and Gammas and Epsilons were smaller. The thing I find interesting is how their personalities are practically non-existent. For instance, when Brenard is talking to Leinina about how he wants to be alone, Leinina doesn’t understand why because she was conditioned from birth to hate being alone, because of the conditioning any sort of personality is crushed in favor of loyalty .

Brave New World Post #2

On this post I will be writing about the different characters in the book Brave New World, for Ihub reads 2015. One of the characters we have met so far is the Director, the head of the Central London Hatchery and Conditioning Center and while he is not a main character, I think he will be important. One of the other characters is Lenina who is one of the main characters and the only female main character. the last character is Musphasta Mond one of the ten World Controllers,although his title suggests otherwise he is not a very important character. something I found rather interesting is how most, if not all the characters are flat they don’t seem to change at all during the story which isn’t something that a lot of writers do.