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Near the beginning of the book,  some students are being taken trough a Hatchery and Conditioning center. The Hatchery and Conditioning center is a factory that makes babies.  They are being shown  the incubation process, and the Director says ” A ram wrapped in thermogene begets no lambs.” It stood out to me because it sounded almost religious, which was strange because later in the book they reference how they (the world controllers) have done away with religion. So I did some research and thermogene references how if sperm gets too warm then it becomes sterile. It also seems rather ironic because they say the have no religion, and yet they keep worshiping (although in different ways than we do today) Ford, because he was the first to use a assembly line, and different models, and in the book they have an assembly line for babies and they are built in different models (alpha, beta gamma) etc… It connects to Theme because one of the underlying messages is about they feel like they are free while in reality they are controlled. When the Director says the quote he is referencing a natural process even though what is happening the the factory is the opposite of natural.