Current Progress

Unfortunately, I have not been able to do a lot of work on my Inquiry Project due to other school work so, in order to gain more time, I will section off blocks of time, however I now know what I will do, I will come up with a short 3 question survey that asks the question: what is being eco-friendly? Once I have the results I will conduct some research, I will present my findings

Inquiry question



I originally had some trouble coming up with a question as my original was: “where is the most green country, and how can other countries follow their example, but I eventually was able to narrow it down to “what does eco-friendly mean?” some steps I have taken to answer the question include: cutting out a newspaper article and taking it to the board at school, in the future, I will hold a short survey to most of the kids at school, and begin research as to what it really means to be eco-friendly before truly answering the question.

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